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Izaki Ventures is the high tech investment arm of our family office, IGI – Izaki Group Investments. We are focusing on Climatech, mainly in Energy, Food, Agriculture, Logistics and Supply Chains. Strategically investing in tech startups at early and late stage funding, with a real world impact.

Yaniv Izaki.

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Remilk is a global leader in the development of animal-free dairy through microbial fermentation. Using microbial fermentation that requires a fraction of Earth’s resources, we reproduce milk proteins to craft real dairy that is identical to traditional dairy, without harming a single cow. Remilk is healthier and safer than traditional dairy with no cholesterol, lactose, hormones or antibiotics.


BeeHero is a developer of a beehive technology platform intended to maximize crop yields through pollination. The company’s technology uses artificial intelligence with low-cost sensors to collect in-hive data and to stimulate full output potential during peak pollination cycles, enabling farmers to protect beehives from colony collapse and maximize pollination efficiency for growers around the world.

Papaya Global

Papaya Global is reinventing global payroll, payments, and workforce management. Our automated platform helps companies hire, onboard, manage, and pay people in more than 140 countries. The cloud-based solution is easy to use and scale, ensures full compliance and provides industry-leading BI and analytics.


Optibus leverages the power of machine learning and optimization algorithms to redefine the way mass-transportation is planned and operated. Optibus’ disruptive technology drives some of the most complex transportation operations worldwide, helping to improve the quality of service, increase efficiencies, save money, and streamline operations.

Chunk Foods

Chunk is the best meat alternative out there. Delicious, succulent and tender, loaded with flavor, made from 100% plants. With 25 grams of protein, no cholesterol or GMOs, there’s no better choice for you and the planet. We make the food we like to eat.


Wisor empowers and automates the entire supply chain journey for freight forwarders and their customers. Wisor’s plug and play solution automates both the cumbersome, manual process of aggregating pricing data as well as the optimization of shipping routes and emissions across the global freight ecosystem, including airlines, ocean liners, trucking, and rail companies.


Avo offers internal online stores for corporations to centralize demand. Free, same-day delivery from the best local shops your city has to offer, no minimum order. We are backed by Y Combinator, Kleiner Perkins, and Insight, and strong angel investors who backed Facebook, WeWork & Uber at an early stage.

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Create the future
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Yaniv Izaki is an impact driven venture capitalist, backed by over 10 years of high tech minded business development and entrepreneurship.
His investment strategy consists of picking only the best teams of entrepreneurs, after an extensive due diligence process with top researchers and key industry experts.

Impact focused, a “Doing Good by Doing Well” mindset, Izaki Ventures is looking for promising business models while creating a positive impact on our world.

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